Metaverse Development

Interverse Studios is actively working on adapting and developing the metaverse concept.

Our metaverse software development services are rooted in extensive experience in AR and VR development for some of the world’s leading brands.

As a full-service digital agency with capabilities across audio branding & enhancement, app & game development,  we work with clients to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking.

Our Metaverse Development Services Includes:

NFT Gallery

Since traditional galleries are having trouble keeping up with the technological innovation coming from the NFT art space, hosting such galleries in the metaverse is a great option.

VR Showrooms

What’s great about VR showrooms is that users will have an interactive VR experience in which they will be able to move around any exhibition space or installation as if they were there and interact with all kinds of objects. 


Instead of simply controlling players with a controller, imagine being able to actually be fully immersed inside the game itself. 

3D Models

This is one of the most interesting and intuitive aspects of the metaverse. The avatar is a digital representation of each person that they can use to explore the metaverse. 

Travel Agencies

The metaverse offers a lot of potential benefits for travel agencies and their customers. Imagine being able to let your customers experience a hotel or destination while considering a purchase. 

Virtual Goods

A virtual product is an exclusively digital representation of a product. It may be a virtual representation of a real product, or it may be a product that only exists in the virtual realm. 


While companies will be able to host meetings or even recreate the entire office environment in the metaverse, they will want the right branding and other elements of their corporate style in the metaverse. 

Reduced Production Costs

Our in-house experts leverage the necessary technology to facilitate the development process thus creating your product within a shorter time period.


Art Galleries

Imagine an art gallery unlike any other where artists can put their art on display without requiring any technical skill. We can create such an art gallery for you that could be used to manage and explore 3D art, artists, art shows, and digital galleries

Fashion industry

NFTs and social gaming (e.g., online games and concerts attended by people’s avatars) present two nearer-term opportunities for brands. Start taking advantage of this potential goldmine for your business.

Virtual land Investments

According to data from Reuters, metaverse virtual and plots can sell for over $500,000. Investing in this technology can be not only profitable but open up new opportunities in the future.


The metaverse opens up new possibilities for customers and businesses to discover, personalize and order new products. It offers a seamless experience from channel to channel, cardless payments, hyper-personalization, and even some good-old-fashioned cross-selling.

Events & Parties

With many countries around the world still dealing with social distancing limitations, the metaverse offers a great medium for everybody to get together. With the right software development, it will feel like everybody is in the same room together. 


When it comes to retail, there are those that foresee the creation of shopping venues — stores, malls, and more — in the metaverse. The creation of the metaverse will allow us to break free from the current industrial form and function of physical stores and move light years beyond even the best digital shopping experiences of today.

Game Development

The pattern today is for you to build a game from scratch, and allow the community to build content around your game. With the Metaverse, you start with the community content and build your game around the preexisting global content network.